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Silverstone to Host Two Races in July

Silverstone main straight. Photo by Tim Carey. CC BY 2.0

Silverstone, UK, agreed to Formula One’s terms and conditions for hosting two consecutive races on July 26 and August 2, reported SkySports earlier today. As we all know, track action in Formula One has been put on a temporary hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Fortunately, other events, such as the current drivers’ market “domino effect”, caused by Sebastian Vettel’s departure from Ferrari earlier this week, keep entertaining fans around the world. However, none of these events actually concern the current 2020 season, which was supposed to begin on March 15. Two months later, it is time to take a look at what the current situation for 2020 races looks like.

Silverstone is one of the most iconic race tracks in Formula One’s 70-year-old history. After hosting the first ever Formula One race in 1950, Silverstone has held Grands Prix in all previous seasons. Thus, making it one of the most desired places for one’s lust for winning. Well… it looks like this year the drivers will be given two chances for crossing the checkered flag first.

Britain is not the only country set to host two Grands Prix this year. On July 5 the Austrian Red Bull Ring is supposed to present to us the long-awaited start of the season, followed up by its “twin race” on July 12. As time goes by, Formula One officials are burdened with the task of carefully calculating and evaluating all chances for saving as many races as possible. We have to keep in mind that the must be at least 8 Grands Prix held for a proper championship to count.

Presuming that all safety conditions are met, these first four races would go on without spectators present on the track. Fans waiving their country flags, while wearing their favorite drivers’ attire, makes up for a large portion of the Formula One experience. Fortunately, our day and age allows us to connect through technology and social media. SkullKing Sports encourages you to visit our pages on FacebookInstagram or Twitter on race days and post pictures with your flags, caps or shirts. Let’s show our support for these brave men! Bonus points for full-on racing suits and custom helmets!

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