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Dynasty Focus: The Tanking Strategy Explained

If you are a fan of Dynasty Fantasy Football, you understand that when you enter a league you are making a commitment to the long haul. You will not be playing for only one season, but for an undetermined length of time season after season. The players that are on your team are there for the entire length of their careers unless you decide to trade them away.  Many strategic approaches exist for the format, and the one I will be talking about today will take some time to develop. What benefits this strategy will lead to are unknown at the current time because one will be building for the future. The future here simply put is draft capital, which is one of the unique aspects of dynasty fantasy football. By utilizing this strategy; one will be in complete control of the entire makeup of their team, have a significant competitive advantage over their opponents in the following years, as well as have the opportunity to find hidden diamond players that are overlooked.

Bluntly put, you will be chalking up your first year in the league as a loss. One must be aware and accepting of this aspect of this strategy. This strategy will have a significant effect on either a start-up or an existing league in which you inherit a team. Be that as it may, utilization of this strategy will be especially useful for an inherited team. There is no right or wrong way to make decisions based on the players that you have; but because this is for the long haul, it is wise to think about supercharging your future. One thing we do know is that many things change in professional football. This is a way to use this negative to your advantage. Essentially are breaking down a team’s roster to add value in draft capital for the future.

Because you will be completing a rookie draft every year and keeping your current players, the ability to acquire higher picks In the future is available through trade. This will be an essential aspect of this strategy. One will be able to build a roster that appeals to them through the consistent adding of value through trade. This value is realized through being able to draft higher value players as compared to your opponent in the future.

The higher value selections that are acquired lead to a significant competitive advantage over your opponents through time, because every GM starts with the same amount of draft capital. Once this capital is acquired, it can then be traded for even more value in the future. This churning of value is essential to this strategy. As this strategy begins to develop, you will see your team on an upward trend while opponents are on a downward trend.

Because of the fact you will be breaking down your roster in year one, you will have ample bench space to take chances on players that could grow into being stars throughout the season. These players will be overlooked by your opponents because they will not have the extra bench space to take chances on them. By acquiring these assets for your team before they grow into talented players, they will be available with simply a waiver wire add. Accumulating talent will start with this tactic even though you will be losing actual games. This sentiment will be accelerated with the draft picks that were accumulated via trade. Remember, before considering this strategy you must be committed to your league long term and look to grow into a competitive team in the future. However your roster looks after being completely torn down will not be how it looks in the future.

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