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2020 Provisional Season Confirmed

Spa-Francorchamps. Photo by Rachel Clarke. CC BY-NC 2.0

Formula One officials confirmed earlier today that the proposed 8-race European calendar has been approved to take place. The exciting news shines light over the recent skepticism on whether 2020 season is going to be held or not, due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. As of now, the first two races are expected to happen in Austria on July 5 and July 12, using the Red Bull Ring circuit for both.

According to Skysports, the updated European calendar looks like this:

July 5 – Austria

July 12 – Austria

July 19 – Hungary

August 2- Great Britain

August 9 – Great Britain

August 16 – Spain

August 30 – Belgium

September 6 – Italy

The sport is still hoping to be able to include more intercontinental Grands Prix later on this season. In order for the championship to be officially recognized, the circuits of Silverstone and Red Bull Ring will host two races each with the purpose to ensure that the minimum of 8 Grands Prix is met. While it is unclear whether other tracks will be able to host events, Skysports suggested that there is an “expectation of having a total of 15-18 races before the completion of the season in December”.

Although in recent years there have typically been 20 or 21 races per Formula One season, most seasons before 2010 were only 16 or 17 races long. In a way, a shortened schedule might remind many of us of the 1990s and early 2000s eras. One thing will be different for sure – the months remaining of the year for season completion. With that, it will be interesting to follow how different teams and drivers would respond to the intensity of the busy schedule. Will any of them struggle to adapt physically? Or physchologically? We are only about a month away form the first green lights!

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