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The Grands Prix of Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan Cancelled For 2020

Singapore Grand Prix. Photo by Roderick Eime. CC BY-ND 2.0

Formula One officials confirmed earlier today that the Grands Prix of Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan will be cancelled for this season. This is unfortunate to the local enthusiasts, as they would have to wait until 2021 to see their home race once again. The alleged reason for their cancellation is the Covid-19 pandemic and the health concerns related to it. So far, the 2020 calendar includes just 8 races on 6 European circuits. This is the absolute minimum number of Grands Prix required for an officially-recognizable championship to occur.


Fortunately, there are still hopes that more events will be held later this year. Recently, Formula One Motorsports boss Ross Brawn shared some of the potential options, “One of the nice attractions of Bahrain is it has many configurations, so we could go to Bahrain and race on two different tracks there”. Essentially, the idea is that some of the already-established tracks could be altered in ways, which would create completely different circuits. This would potentially increase the overall competitiveness amongst the drivers, as the new configurations will be new to everyone. One of the main criticism regarding running multiple races on the same circuits was that particular teams could use this as an advantage if their cars’ performance “fits” those tracks best.

According to Ross Brawn’s update, there is one more realistic option that is being discussed – more European venues like Imola, Hockenheim, Portiamo and others. Brawn said, “Reverse grid races are still on the table for next year”, when referring to the 2021 season. Essentially, the proposal aims to replace qualifying sessions with shorter, sprint-type races on tracks’ reverse grids. However, it does not look like the idea will be applied for this season, and it has not yet been officially accepted for the future.

SkullKing Sports will keep you updated on the 2020 calendar, as more information becomes available.

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