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5 QBs to Target in 2020 Fantasy Drafts

Josh Allen. Photo by Erik Drost. CC By-SA 2.0

Patrick Mahomes

Currently being one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the league, Patrick Mahomes looks to continue his astonishing career with more incredible play this season. By doing so, he will prove to be one of the most valuable fantasy football assets that could be available. Though he is usually picked in the first round for many formats, investing this draft capital could prove to be fruitful. With the added weapons on the offensive side of the team, this player will look to produce even more value than he did last year.

Lamar Jackson

After a season in which his production has rewritten history in the NFL, Lamar Jackson looks to continue his MVP Level of production in the 2020 season. After producing over 1200 yards rushing the ball which is unprecedented, there are elements of his game that can still be worked on according to him. The passing attack of the Baltimore Ravens last season is one element that can be worked on. This element will be the main focus of the team this off-season according to coach John Harbaugh. This may be difficult, however, to implement with the shortened off-season that we are all experiencing. This player is still a highly touted fantasy selection and could lead your team to a fantasy championship. Though he is usually taken in The first round in many formats, the capability of production makes this draft capital investment well worth it.

Kyler Murray

Being the first overall selection in last year‘s NFL draft, the expectations for Kyler Murray were set extremely high. He delivered on these expectations in some senses by winning the rookie of the year award and showing his potential production for the future. His receiving weapons available had gotten a very large boost with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins via trade this off-season. In addition to this, improvements on the offensive line will be of immense help to Kyler Murray this upcoming 2020 season. The team itself has adequately improved on both sides of the ball since the selection of Kyler Murray. Team success will only add to the fantasy point production this player will experience. Significant draft Capital will be invested in this player in your Fantasy football draft, and taking the chance on him could prove to pay dividends.

Josh Allen

Being more of an under the radar selection, Josh Allen could lead you to a fantasy football championship with his rushing and passing capabilities, along with his propensity to score touchdowns in the red zone with these capabilities. In addition to his strong arm with throwing the ball, he will have a duo of pass-catching running backs to fall back on as his security blanket. Improvements to the offense in the form of Stefon Diggs will greatly add to his fantasy football point production. The line itself has also greatly been improved and that will add to the success this player will experience. Taking a shot on Josh Allen in your fantasy football draft could prove to be lucrative when both The off-season acquisitions in addition to his personal abilities are both factors in the equation.

Aaron Rodgers

Competition is said to bring out the best in great players, and the situation in Green Bay will truly prove this to be right. The drafting of Utah State quarterback Jordan love in the first round was looked at by many to be detrimental to Aaron Rodgers’s future success. The fact of the matter is Aaron Rodgers is one of the best players of all time, and he has basically nothing to fear as long as he can perform. Football is a game of opportunity, but if that opportunity is crushed by the one in charge, a new mode of action must be taken. Preparation for the future which is a core central value of the team itself will be the norm. Because of this competition, Aaron Rodgers could have one of the best seasons of his career totally due to his competitive nature. This unique aspect of an all-time great player opens the idea that there is nothing to fear from a first-round drafted Quarterback. Instead, for the fantasy football GM that decides to target him, he could mean a championship. As he has shown in the past, he is capable of massive fantasy point production. Even in a dynasty format, there is still tremendous value to be obtained with Aaron Rodgers especially because his draft stock has taken a hit

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