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Titans Rookies Poised to Make an Impact

The Tennessee Titans recently filled some important needs in the draft including some potential depth on the offensive line and Secondary. Let’s take a look at some of the rookies that will make an impact on the upcoming season.

Isaiah Wilson – With the loss of Jack Conklin it was a no brainer that the Tennessee Titans went ahead and drafted an OT. AT 350 lbs, the athleticism that Wilson has shown will be pivotal in the Tennessee Titans run game. I project Wilson to be a starter early in this NFL season.

Kristian Fulton – With the loss of Logan Ryan this was an easy pick for a hole to fill for the Titans. With concern about his technique and balance the Titans still felt like the talent was good enough for their Secondary. Some of his deficiencies can be disguised with the mixed coverage schemes and cover two defenses the team likes to run.

Darryton Evans – With Dion Lewis out of the picture the Titans needed someone to fill the passing down Running Back position. Evans also has home run capability within the zone run schemes that will prove to beneficial to the Titans running game while complimenting Derrick Henry.

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