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Opinion: Thoughts on Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams playing for the Jets in 2017. Photo by Jeffrey Beall via WikiMedia Commons.

Well, it happened. Jamal Adams requested permission to seek a trade. Ever since GM Joe Douglas reportedly listened to calls about Adams at the trade deadline which irked him, I had a feeling this was inevitable. 

But the Jets don’t seem to be budging. They almost immediately denied his request, but Adams could easily try to force their hand once the season comes by sitting out.

Both sides have some solid ground to stand on too which makes this whole situation so messy.

For Adams, he views himself as not only one of the top safeties or defenders in the league but one of the best players, and he wants to be paid accordingly. It’s very understandable too, seeing as he’s currently No. 24 of all safeties in terms of average salary.

As for the Jets, they still have Adams under contract for two more seasons (possibly three if they franchise tag him), and have no obligation to give him what he wants.

So, here are my thoughts.

Jamal Adams is clearly the best safety in the NFL, and he deserves to get paid. Not only is he great on the field, but he brings energy and leadership that not every player has. 

Still, the way that he has handled this situation has been incredibly disappointing, and Adams is quickly becoming a villain in New York.

It’s one thing to request a trade, but it’s another thing to be actively participating in harming the leverage the Jets might have in a trade.

Talking to random people in a parking lot in Dallas saying that you’re trying to become a Cowboy could harm the package the Jets could get back in a trade.

Talking on Twitter with your teammates like they’re already your former teammates could harm the package the Jets could get back in a trade.

Liking pictures of you photoshopped into other jerseys could harm the package the Jets could get back in a trade.

It’s understandable to want to get out from under Adam Gase’s leadership, but on your way out, don’t try to further bring down the organization that believed in you enough to draft you No. 6 overall and the fans that have done nothing but support you.

The fans don’t want you to go, but if that’s what has to happen, at least let the Jets get a package equal to your value back in return if it’s truly all luv.

There’s no way for the public to know what conversations truly happened behind closed doors. Adams may have been promised a contract extension by this time already or may not have been. There’s no way to know.

However, it is very rare for a defensive player to receive a contract extension after their third season in the NFL.

In Adams’ draft class, just one first-rounder has received an extension and that is Christian McCaffery, star running back for the Carolina Panthers. That’s the same round that featured the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Myles Garrett, Marshon Lattimore, Evan Engram, Tre’Davious White and T.J. Watt. No one else besides McCaffery has received an extension to this point.

The last defensive player to receive an extension after their third season was also a Panthers superstar, and that was Luke Keuchly in 2015.

Adams is asking for something that almost never happens, and not only that, but he’s doing it in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that has made football even being played this upcoming season far from a guarantee.

It also probably isn’t sitting well with his teammates that the eight teams Adams would prefer a trade to reportedly wouldn’t have to give him an extension yet — and that those eight teams just so happen to be eight of the best teams in the league.

If the Jets were to give him an extension now it would probably solve a lot of problems and winning will solve the rest, but right now it’s hard to imagine a future with Jamal Adams in a Jets uniform next season.

As I’ve said, Adams deserves a contract extension. He deserves to become the highest-paid safety in the NFL.

But Jamal Adams doesn’t look good right now.

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