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Analysis: Sergio Perez’ Unclear Future

Sergio Perez. Image from Racing Point Formula One Team Media

Sergio Perez (30) might soon attract more media attention to himself than usually. Yet, whether Checo desires this type of attention or not is the matter of another discussion. Recently, the Mexican’s name has been “tossed around” quite a bit. The reason – Sebastian Vettel still does not have a contract with any team for 2021, and multiple sources have suggested that the four-time world champion might be in talks with the “Pink Mercedeses”. We must also note that Racing Point, as we know them, will be rebranded as Aston Martin, following a 10-year-long deal with Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll. So what does that mean for Checo, whose contract with Racing Point does not originally expire until the end of 2021? Well, let’s unwrap several probable scenarios:

PEREZ OUT FOR 2021 – We have seen it happen before. Kimi Raikkonen’s first Ferrari contract was cut short in 2009, which took the Iceman out of the sport for a while (2010-2011). Ferrari then decided to replace Kimi with Fernando Alonso, which meant that they had to pay him quite a bit of money for contract termination. Similarly, this could happen to Sergio if Racing Point (Aston Martin) really signed Sebastian Vettel for next year. Perez has been racing in Formula One for ten years now, after debuting in 2011 with Sauber. Since then, the Mexican has achieved 8 podium finishes with Force India, while failing to score any victories or pole positions. Nevertheless, it would be sad to see Checo go anytime soon, especially after several other teams might need a new driver, as well.

TO ALFA – Speaking of other teams, it is no secret that Kimi Raikkonen has openly criticized Alfa Romeo’s performance this season. Being the oldest driver, Kimi is most likely preparing to retire at the end of 2020, leaving a door for somebody else who is more willing to drive Alfa’s disastrous machine.  Although other teams, such as Red Bull and Haas, may also have open spots for next year, it is less likely that Sergio will end up there. Haas have been experiencing major financial difficulties, which makes their future as a team pretty unstable. On the other hand, Red Bull are always more likely to choose a driver from their junior teams, including Alpha Tauri. Realistically, Alfa might not be too bad of an option for Sergio. In a way, it could feel like going back to his first ever team (Sauber rebranded as Alfa Romeo Racing in 2019).

VETTEL SIGNS FOR 2022 – Sometimes drivers need a little break from the track. For example, Michael Schumacher took a three-year-long “vacation” in 2007, and then came back with Mercedes for their return to Formula One in 2010. More recently, Fernando Alonso retired from the sport in 2018 after multiple difficult and disappointing seasons with McLaren. Yet, the Spaniard will be back in 2021 with Renault. Therefore, this may give Checo a chance to utilize the last year of his contract to his advantage, impressing other teams and keeping his Formula One career alive.

VETTEL TALKS FAIL – Contractual agreements can be complicated, especially when it comes to negotiating with a four-time world champion. Moreover, Vettel has hinted on retirement before, sharing that he would like to be wise with his decisions. In such scenario, Sergio Perez should not have a problem keeping his 2021 contract with the team.

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