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CBJ Takes Game 3 in OT!

Do you have a voice, are your nails all gone, if so I doubt you are alone after the Columbus Blue Jackets game last night!  Come period 2 it was growing painful, even agonizing to watch, as the Blue Jackets were down 3 – 0 and the haunting shutout from Tuesday was seeming likely to repeat itself.  The first goal came from Pierre-Luc Dubois and it gave us some hope, but still, 2 more goals had to be made up.  With Joonas Korpisalo taking a break after being scored on the third time, the Maple Leaf’s first 2 being lucky, but the third Korpisalo had a chance to stop, Elvis Meerzlikins stepped up to goaltend.  No more pucks would get past him for the remainder of the game, as the defense and offense went to work double-time, as that first goal lit a fire of potential.  Goal 2 was from Jones finding the net and after him, Pierre-Lou Dubois found the net for his second time in minutes.  This took us to a 3 – 3 tie at the game’s end, resulting in overtime!

To watch the Blue Jackets rally from a 3 to 0 deficit was amazing in itself, but now they had a chance to win this game 3 altogether.  Overtime in the bubble is another full period of hockey, and it took us 18 minutes to finally have the game-winning answer, the Columbus Blue Jackets win game 3 in overtime!  This is not only amazing as the team now leads the series 2 – 1, only needing 1 more win to secure the continuation of their playoff run, but also amazing for Pierre-Lou Dubois’s accomplishment.  He not only had a hat-trick but also marks himself in history as the first player to do so in post-season!

Game 4 is tonight at 8 PM on Fox Sports Ohio, and with any luck, this will be the final game between your Columbus Blue Jackets and the Toronto Maple Leafs!  We wish them all the best tonight as they come off a long but rewarding game.  It is exciting to see them mesh, finding their rhythm as a team, as well as having witnessed both goaltenders hold their own in their first trip to the playoffs, in such a unique situation.

All One.

Go Jackets!

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