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Racing Point Fined €400,000 and 15 Championship Points

Lance Stroll. Image from Racing Point Media Archives

According to Formula One’s Official website, the stewards have come to a decision regarding the legality of Racing Point’s 2020 cars. Several weeks ago, the Renault team launched a formal protest against them with claims that “Racing Point’s brake ducts had been directly copied from the 2019 Mercedes”.

Although Renault happened to be the first team to take actions against the future Aston Martins, many others noticed the design similarities, as well. Racing Point have been widely criticized for this pretty much since the Barcelona pre-season tests in February. Hence, questioning the full legality of Racing Point’s RP20 was something that other teams have looked into, while Renault were bold enough to proceed with action.

The stewards will hand Racing Point two fines, €400,000 and 15 championship points. However, the points’ aspect of their penalty will only apply to the constructors’ championship. This means that Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll get to keep their drivers’ championship scores. Although €400,000 is not exactly pocket change, one can imagine that Racing Point would rather be upset by the 15-point deduction. This is a considerable number of points for a mid-field team like Racing Point, who are currently 5th in the championship with a score of 42. Renault, for example, are right behind them with 32 points. It would seem like they would have the greatest interest in getting the “Pink Mercedeses” in trouble. And they did.

Nevertheless, Racing Point are allowed to appeal the stewards’ 14-page document if they wanted to. Fortunately for them, the stewards will not be expecting changes to their cars’ brake ducts during this weekend in Silverstone because they realize how difficult such re-designing would be.

Yet again, the 2020 championship remains as eventful in the paddock as the action on the track. Stay tuned for updates on the Renault vs. Racing Point legality protest saga!

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