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CBJ is Out but Not Down

We watched as the Columbus Blue Jacket’s rallied in Game 5 against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Down by 2 goals, Captain Nick Foligno capitalized with a goal in the 1st Period.  This set an onward and upward trend as Stenlund scored what would be his first NHL Post-Season Goal!  Followed by Winnberg sailing one past a very crowded line to make the game 3 – 2 at the end of Period 2.  Bjorkstrand came out swinging in Period 3, but sadly the 4 – 2 lead was shortlived as the Lightning closed the deficit, sending us once again to overtime.  Either team just needed one goal to meet their ultimate one, for the Blue Jackets, it would extend the series, for the Lightning it would end it.  Sadly, the Lightning scored first, they will move on to Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2020.

However, the Blue Jackets have nothing to hang their head about as they leave the bubble for home.  This team now holds the fourth position for the longest NHL Game in the history of the NHL, against the Tampa Bay Lightning, going into a 5th overtime before settled.  Yes, the Lightning won that game too, but each team is equal in the way it made history!  In this same game, Joonas Korpisalo had 88 shots on his goal, only allowing 3, stopping 85 and surpassing the 74 shot record previously held.  The man was red hot from the first game against Toronto, in the qualifiers, straight through that record and into today’s final game they’d play.  I look forward to seeing what he can do next year, in only his second NHL career year as a starter in the net!  In this same overtime marathon, Seth Jones also skated away with the longest ice time recorded since the record was started in 1997, with just over 65 minutes of play!  In addition, we had several young players emerge, like Foudy and Stenlund, scoring their first goals in NHL Playoffs and in Foudy’s case, his first goal ever!  How is that for making it count?

I would have loved to see my primary and home team go further, every fan says such when their team is knocked out, but on the other hand, look at all we have to be proud of!  I will continue to cover this team in the postseason, and as we lead up to what may be a new version of a regular season, depending on the situation with Covid-19.  In the meantime, look for my articles about the CBJ postseason, the overall progress of the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2020, and my coverage of the Vegas Golden Knights.  These will be my focus until the Columbus Blue Jackets take the ice again, we all hope this will be sooner, rather than later!

One more time, say it with me…

All One!



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