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Drafting a QB Early in Fantasy

Many fantasy football pundits advocate for drafting a quarterback late in a start up draft or redraft league. Many of the reasons have to do with specific ways points are generated in most fantasy football leagues, and often due to matchups. While these are valid points, this aspect can’t be relied upon for consistency at the position. Yes, the points that are produced by a QB are the same points that would be produced by another player at the position, only this is a very topical view of looking at your quarterback.

Because this position is reputed to be the highest scoring position in fantasy football, it only makes sense to want consistency and the most possible potential to win your match up. This thought does change slightly when you are talking about a redraft league versus a dynasty league. Many options are available late in the draft, but again having an elite player at the position gives your team more chance to win the week, as well as the season. This is an even bigger aspect for a dynasty league, because you will have that elite player for the entirety of his career.

Wouldn’t you rather rely on Patrick Mahomes every week instead of guys like Carson Wentz or Teddy Bridgewater? Personally, I know that I would want that consistency of the elite player for such an important position much more than these other players. Also, a quarterback’s career is typically a lot longer than that of a positional player and this is very important when the unique aspects of dynasty fantasy football are considered.

Single quarterback leagues are one thing; but when you start getting into super flex leagues, they are entirely different in nature. You absolutely have to get an elite quarterback early in the draft to be competitive, or you will almost certainly miss the playoffs because of teams with these elite quarterbacks. The super flex position does allow you to use a flex player instead of a quarterback if needed, but this leads to a serious disadvantage for the matchup that week. Many leagues now are utilizing a super flex position to encourage players to draft quarterbacks early in their start up draft whether it be dynasty or redraft.

The downside to the situation of taking a quarterback early in your draft would be the loss of a key positional player. This does seem like a big loss, but positional players will boom and bust, whereas having an elite quarterback will mostly boom rather than bust. Consistency is a key aspect in winning fantasy football.

Every week of the season, I encourage you to read my article about start/sit quarterbacks and hopefully my advice will help you win your league. I will be examining potential options for your quarterback based on the matchups for the next week and be giving my analysis on each of these options. Let’s look forward to a great season aside from all the craziness going on in the world right now. Also, you can read Kevin Atchley’s Article here which is the counter argument, giving you another perspective.

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