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The Dallas Stars Deserve a Gold Star!

Last night the Dallas Stars were down 3 – 1 in Game 6 against the Calgary Flames in after Period 1.  So, what do you do when Period 2 begins?  Naturally, you score 5 goals, followed by another additional goal in Period 3, and don’t let the Flame’s score again after the first 20 minutes!  This then led the team to a victory, 7- 3 win, and punched their ticket to Round 2 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Going more in-depth for a moment, because it would be shameful to NHL history if not, we had all 7 goals from just 2 players!  Rookie Denis Gurianov made history, scoring 4 goals in Game 6, only being the second in NHL Playoff History to give such an epic performance.  In addition, the other 3 goals were made by assorted teammates, an outstanding show that when this team may be down, we should never count them out.  Further, we also see this team doesn’t rely on just one or two heavy hitters to score goals, but many.  I think Dallas will go far, they get a gold star for their efforts last night, but the celebration is short-lived.  The Colorado Avalanche is their next opponent, and since their series is done as well, these two teams will begin Round 2 of the playoffs, Saturday evening at 8 PM.  Good luck to both, we can’t wait to see who comes out on top, and the next history-making moment to emerge from the Canada Bubble!

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