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Dallas VS. Avalanche Round 2 – Game 2

For a brief moment we thought in Period 1 the Avalanche could take Game 2, as they led at intermission 1 – 0, but it wasn’t meant to last.  In Period 2, the Stars came back big, outscoring the Avalanche 4 goals to 1.  In the last period, the Stars would score one more time, in an empty net, to cap off a win in Game 2; the final score was 5 – 2.  All the more impressive, the Avalanche had 40 shots on the Star’s goal, where the Stars only needed 27 to make this win happen.

This now puts Dallas up, 2 games to none, against the Avalanche in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup 2020 Playoffs.  Remember the winner will advance to play the winner of the Golden Knights – Vancouver Cunucks Series for the NHL West title.  Dallas has incredible momentum, tune in Wednesday, August 26th for Game 3.  We have had plenty of comeback stories in this unconventional playoff scenario, and I have a feeling we’ve yet to see our last!  This is still anyone’s series to take, which team it will go to, is a mystery we’ll have to keep watching to discover!

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