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Bruins Vs. Lightning Round 2 – Game 2

The Tampa Bay Lightning came to play after losing Game 1 of Round 2 by only a goal.  In Game 2, we had a steady back and forth between these two teams, when one would score, the other was never far behind.  This led to yet another overtime, but hey, who cares it’s extra hockey!  Not long into the additional period to settle the game, it was, with the Lightning scoring first.  The team would win Game 2 4 -3, and now the series is even with each team having a game each.

As we have seen with several series before, there are some that have been blowouts, where the first team to win a game has lost every game after.  However, we have also seen series where it has come down to a Game 5, 6, or even 7.  It will be interesting to see how Game 3 works out, which team it will favor, and how the series will continue.  Although, just like in this game, if we go back and forth on scoring as we do winning, we could see this series come down to a final game, before we can proclaim a winner for the East Conference Final.   The good news in all of this, fans of both teams only have to wait till tonight for that Game 3, and for one team to go ahead again in this Series.  So, who will it be?

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