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Islanders Vs. Flyers Round 2 – Game 2

Last night we saw some amazing hockey across all 3 games played, this was the first in my region, and therefore it gets the first article of the day.  Back in Game 1 only a couple days ago, we watched the Islanders come out and school the Flyers, which I don’t think any of us expected, after watching their series win against the Canadian’s.  Last night we witnessed the return of that powerhouse Flyers team, as in the first period they allowed no scores on their goal and made 3 goals on the Islanders.  However, that momentum would shift, as the Islanders rallied in the second to score once and keep the Flyers out of their territory.  This would take us to Period 3 with a 3 – 1 game, the Islanders were within range, and they closed the gap, scoring twice, resulting in a need for overtime!

This may be a good time to mention, if you haven’t realized it already, don’t do any bets or drinking games based off of a game going into OT, luck will not be on your side this year!  This overtime wasn’t too long though, as the Flyers finished what they started, winning Game 2, 4 – 3.  This now makes yet another series even with each team holding a game after 2.  Game 3 is tonight, and we will see who will again take a slim lead, in this well-matched semifinal game.

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