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Lightning Vs. Bruins Round 2 – Game 3

If you are a Bruins fan, I’m sorry, because this one definitely hurt.

It started out like any other game, and then quickly the score grew out of hand, before its astronomical conclusion,  After Period 1 the Lightning was up only 2 – 0, well within reach of the Bruins catching up, but then Period 2 came and that all changed.  Halfway through Period 2, the Bruins switched out their goalie, but it didn’t help as the team scored no goals, and the Lightning scored 4.  That wasn’t the end though, period 3 brought one more final goal and blow to the Bruins, losing Game 3, 7 – 1.

If anything this is only 1 game out of what could be 7, I have full confidence the Bruins will come back with a challenge for the Lightning in Game 4, scheduled for Friday,  The Bruins were beat bad by the Columbus Blue Jackets in their exhibition game, the very first in the bubble, by a score of 4 – 1.  The team is now in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and for that reason, I believe the Bruins can regroup, giving the Lightning the long series we expected upon learning of this matchup.

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