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Islanders Vs. Flyers Round 2 – Game 3

The Flyers were the first to score in Period 1, but the Islanders had the next, and every one thereafter.  With 2 goals in Period 2 and another in Period 3, the Islanders went from ending Period 1 down 0 – 1, to winning 3 – 1.  Game shots on goal were fairly even, with the flyers having 27 and the Islanders racking up 29.  Period 1 was an even and hard-fought matchup, however, once the Islanders found their grove there was no catching up.

The Islanders now lead the series 2 – 1 but the Flyers still hold a great chance at a comeback.  Tonight is Game 4 and they could easily tie this series again if they arrive focused and ready to play.  In Round 2 of the Stanley Cup 2020 Playoffs, I see the possibility of only a single series being a 4 – 1 final advance, and I must be honest, that series is between the Lightning and Bruins.  The others I believe to be a battle to at least a Game 5 or 6, if not 7.  All in this 8 team semifinal showdown belong and have earned their spot, but I worry the Bruins have met their match, and the Lightning are on fire.  I believe they will all push to the bitter end, to advance and take that coveted Conference Final bracket space, but the beauty of this is we are finally back to live sports, and anything can happen!  We’ll just have to keep watching this, and every game thereafter, to see how this 8 team semifinal will be sliced in half and then again.  It will only be a few weeks before we have our final 2, and the fierce battle will come down to an East and a West, but only one will hoist that Stanley Cup, in the strangest year hockey has ever seen.

What a story that will be, and I can’t wait to watch and recap the rest with you all.  Go NHL!

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