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Knights Vs. Canucks Round 2 – Game 3

The scoring opened with the Golden Knights scoring twice in Period 1.  In Period 2, both team’s defense kicked in, and there were no goals at all.  Followed by another spectacular showing by Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner, holding all 31 shots and giving his team a second shutout in only 3 games in this Round 2 series.  Your Golden Knights win 3 – 0!

This now gives them a 2 – 1 game lead over the Canucks in the Round 2 series.  It is super exciting to have their 2 wins in this series both shutouts, but the Canucks proved in their 5 – 2 win in Game 2 their ability to bounce back from a hard loss following the Knights 5 – 0 shutout in Game 1.  So, where does this leave us, honestly in a series either team could still come away with!  Both are impressive, and when the time comes, each can dig deep and produce an incredible game!

We will see how Game 4 pans out, will we have the Knights up 3 – 1 and only a win away from a Conference Final battle, or will we have a 2 – 2 series tie?  It is too close to call in my option, good thing we only have to wait until later tonight to find out!  Check your local programming, and come back here to the Skullking Sports Page for the recap tomorrow!

Good luck to all, and may the best team win!


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