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Stars Vs. Avalanche Round 2 – Game 4

That was so close!  What a Game!

First, we have the Stars go up 3 – 0 in Period 1 before the Avalanch comes back with 2 goals in the second.  During each, the scoring team kept their opponent out of their net completely, it was wild!  Then we head into Period 3 where each team goes back and forth, like prior games, each scoring two goals.  The Avalanche scoring their last in the final minutes, but unfortunately, they would still come up a goal shy for a chance at overtime.  The final score was Dallas Stars over the Colorado Avalanche, 5 – 4, resulting in them now having a series lead of 3 games to 1.

This gives us now the second series in Round 2 where a team holds the series fate in their gloved hands.  As now the Dallas Stars need only one more game to advance to the West Conference Final, and the Tampa Bay Lightning only needs one more game to pass the Boston Bruins, advancing them to the East Conference Final.  I said in an earlier article that I expect the Lightning to win tomorrow evening.  However, I didn’t see the Avalanche not taking Game 4, so we will have to see what happens tomorrow evening.  We could have half the games settled as Dallas and Lightning can close out both Series with a win. However, with their series and continued playoff dreams in the balance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bruins, Avalanche, or both rallied to win.  I can feel it, even if all teams are sequestered in a Canadian bubble, and we have to watch from home, the excitement is growing.  Soon we will be down to the best 4 NHL teams and if this is the history-making, intense hockey we are getting in Conference Semifinals, I’m excited to see how the teams will level up for the Conference Finals.  This is can’t miss hockey at it’s finest, one team must win and one must lose in each series, but none of these teams are making it easy on the other, even those in a 3 – 1 series lead.  The challenge is set, the challenge is real, and the challenge is here to watch live, so don’t miss tomorrow night in your area!


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