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Islanders Vs. Flyers Round 2 – Game 4

Game 4 was a matchup of skill and the scoring proved that.  In Period 1 we had still a 0 – 0 game, and after Period 2 it was a steady 1 – 1.  In the third, the Islanders got the edge, scoring 2 goals compared to the Flyers 1, resulting in Islanders over the Flyers 3 – 2.   This now gives the Flyers a 3 – 1 Series lead, meaning they also only need 1 more win to take their series, advancing themselves into the East Conference Final.

I understand it is easy to count the Flyers out at this point, but I must remind you how they rallied to beat the Canadians, allowing them to advance to this point.  Each team has come close to the other in all 4 games, it just so happens that the Islanders were able to pull out the win in 3 of those 4.  Nothing is impossible, so the Islanders can’t let their guard down, if they do the Flyers could get back into and expand this series, if not win.  We will just have to watch Game 5 on Tuesday evening, there we’ll see if we have an advancing team in the Islanders, or the Flyers fighting back to finish this series their way.

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