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Atlantic Division (NHL)

Lightning Advances to Conference Final

Last night it took going into double overtime, but the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Boston Bruins, giving them their 3 – 2 win, advancing them to the East Conference Final.  The Round 2 Series Final was 4 games to 1, and although the Lightning did pull off this win, the Bruins made it incredibly difficult for them to close it out.  Throughout the game it was a physical and focused defense to offense battle, resulting in a great game even the Bruins and fans back in the U. S. can be proud of, as they officially mark the end of their 2019-2020 season.

Looking ahead, we now know half of the whole East Conference Final, the other half we could know as soon as this evening!  As the Islanders will meet the Flyers in Game 5 of their Round 2 Semifinal, the Islanders will only need a win to set themself against the Lightning in the East Conference Final matchup.  This series, like most, has been very close in scoring.  All teams remaining, Islanders, Flyers, Dallas, Avalanche, Golden Knights, and Canucks want to go to the finals but only 3 spaces now remain.  I have a feeling by Friday we will know our final 4 teams, playoff hockey will then reach a new, new level of talent, as the best of skill will reach beyond knowing only 1 series stands between them, and the true Stanley Cup 2020 Playoff!

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