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Stars Vs. Avalanche Round 2 – Game 5

Within 20 minutes the game was won, and sorry Stars fans it wasn’t in your favor, as the Avalanche was up 5 – 0 by the end of Period 1 alone!  The Stars tried their best to rally, but the Avalanch were too far ahead, as Period 2 saw 2 goals from them, but the Avalanche tacked on 1 more as well.  After making a final push in Period 3, the Stars prevented the Avalanche from scoring yet again but was only able to come up with an additional goal in the final period.  The result, Colorado Avalanche extends the series with a 6 – 3 win over the Stars, giving the Stars now a 3 – 2 game series lead.  This means the next will also be a must-win or go home for the Avalanche, but after this game last night, it is proof they will not leave the Canada bubble without a strong fight.  The Avalanche has proven they are still in the run for the West Conference Final, and Thursday night we will see just how far their endurance can go, beyond this spectacular showing at Game 5!

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