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Canucks Vs. Knights Round 2 – Game 5

One elimination game after another, the excitement grew last night after the Flyers pulled off a victory and prevented their own, just minutes before the Canucks faced the Golden Knights, attempting to do the same.  In Period 1, we found the same great defense we’d come to expect from these two teams, but still looked forward to some major scoring in the remainder of the game, knowing both team’s capability on either side of the puck.  Period 2 was just as close, both teams not losing sight of what this game meant, a win would ensure the West Conference Final for the Golden Knights, and another day to play for the Canucks, if they could steal that win away.  Each scored a goal, resulting in a tie needing to be broken as we began Period 3.  This would happen as the Canucks scored, giving us the only goal of Period 3, winning a very tight game 2 – 1, and extending the series into a Game 6.

This is set to take place as the later game on Thursday, as the Flyers will play the Islanders in their own Game 6 prior.  So far, only the Tampa Bay Lightning have advanced to the Conference Final in the East, all other series remain with one team on the brink of winning said series, and the other with their season on the line.  We wish these two teams the best of luck, as the Golden Knights continue to market themselves as a young franchise, ready to make a permanent mark on the NHL.  While the Canucks forge on, doing their very best to make their country proud, as the only Canadian team left skating in the playoffs.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this Game 6 went into overtime, or if we see a Game 7, these two teams are just that talented, with too much reason to fight on.  The benefit?  The next few nights we are in for some incredible hockey, as the underdog in these 3 series have proven they have a chance, we have 6 teams ready to battle for 3 spots, and it is truly anyone’s game to win, or lose.

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