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Flyers Vs Islanders Round 2 – Game 5

It was a must-win game for the Philidelphia Flyers, a loss last night would have resulted in them being sent home, they were fighting for their season and it showed in their gameplay.  In Period 1 we had no score, both teams focused on winning, the defense for each was steady and strong. After Period 2 the Flyers led, scoring 2 goals to the Islanders 1, but in Period 3 the scoring reversed as the Flyers only scored 1 goal to the Islanders 2.  You know what that means, 3 – 3 game, get ready for overtime!

Unlike Monday night’s 2 OT battle between the Lightning and Bruins, this game was settled in under 1 OT, and the underdogs won!  The Flyers beat the Islanders, 4 – 3, and will remain in the Canada Bubble for at least another few days and Game 6.  Said game is slated to be Thursday evening, giving the Islanders another chance to prepare for the win, as the Flyers prepare to take it from them and extend their Round 2 series yet again.  Good luck to both, and keep playing great hockey, it is amazing to watch after being without it so long!


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