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Flyers Will Fly on to Game 7 Vs. Islanders

This was an incredible Game 6 and if you missed it I feel sorry for you, but I can help by catching you up in how we got a third Game 7 in as many remaining series!  At the end of Period 1, the Flyers were up 2 – 1, but come the start of Period 2 the Islanders were ready to close this series out.  They outscored the Flyers in Period 2, 3 goals to 1, and this gave us a very tight 4 – 3 game going into Period 3.  The Flyers rallied, not ready for their playoff dreams in 2020 to end just yet, pulling out a single goal in the final period.  With no answer from the Islanders, we went to our first overtime, then headed into a second.  Thankfully this was all it took for the Flyers to score their much-needed goal, beating the Islanders in Game 6, 5 – 4, and giving themselves a fair chance at winning this series in a Game 7.

Game 7 will take place tomorrow evening, and once again we have 2 teams with an equal drive to win.  The Islanders have not seen the East Conference Finals since 1993, so getting there tomorrow night would be a huge win for the franchise.  Not to mention many young fans who have yet to see them advance to far in the playoffs in their life!

As for the Flyers, they have a special player who has had a rather rough year.  Oskar Lindblom was a big scorer for the team, and being only 24. he had a long future in the NHL before him.  All of this came to question in December as he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer that is fairly rare.  Lindblom credits his desire to get on the ice and into the game again with his teammates as helping him through the months of treatment he faced.  By July his treatment was over and having been cleared with a 3-year contract extension, he was able to resume workouts with that team, who missed him just as much, in the Canadian Bubble.  This was his first game back and his just over 17 minutes of play helped the Flyers pull off this win.  It is an incredible story in such a difficult time, and for more about Lindblom and his comeback, along with reference to what I’ve said here, follow the link ( https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29804691/oskar-lindblom-returns-philadelphia-flyers-cancer-treatments).

With all of this on either side of the puck, tomorrow night will be a prime time showdown you won’t want to miss.  These two teams have been so close in scoring, as this Game 6 shows, it is hard to say who may pull this out.  If I can predict anything though, I know for sure this will be a score filled game. with action covering all 60 minutes, if it can be decided in regulation that is!


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