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Stars Vs. Knights Game 1

With less than 3 minutes left in Period 1 J. Kingberg from the Dallas Stars buried the puck in the back of the Golden Knights goal.  Even with the Stars and Golden knights having an equal 25 shots on goal, this was the only goal scored all game, resulting in a 1 – 0 shutout for the Stars!  Although the offense for the Golden Knights couldn’t score last night, the defense for both teams was outstanding, as we can see by the score.  Each of these teams are typically high scoring, and the fact only a single goal was scored all game, complements to the defense, and especially the goaltenders.

On an offensive note, the Golden Knights will get back Ryan Reaves, a pivotal scorer for the team in the next game.  If we remember back to the Canucks Round 2 series, he was given a 5-minute penalty followed by an immediate ejection.  This was due to executing a check deemed illegal, striking Tyler Motte in his jaw and not the lower body, as is legal gameplay.  This also resulted in a 1 game suspension, handed down by the NHL after that Game 7, when his team pulled out a big win in the final 10 minutes of Period 3.  He could help turn the tides for the Golden Knights, once back in Game 2 against the Stars,  for the West Conference Final title.  For more on this read here!  (https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/29820417/golden-knights-ryan-reaves-suspended-one-game-illegal-check)

Game 2 for the Stars and Golden Knights will be on Tuesday, in primetime, check your local listings.  In this next game, we could see the Stars take an early 2 game lead, or if the Golden Knights can manage to even the series, with Reaves now back from suspension.  Either way, this will be a tight series as I predicted, I’m sure.  It can quite possibly be a long one too, going back to Round 2 again, these teams only needed a final win in game 5 to advance, yet their opponent pushed it out to a Game 7.  Nothing is as it seems in live hockey, anyone can be just 60 minutes from advancing and not.  Get excited fans as we only get closer games, better gameplay, and more physical hockey.  Each team in these Conference Finals has a 25% chance of taking home the 2020 Stanley Cup, and they know it!

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