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Lightning Vs. Islanders Game 1

The Islanders couldn’t weather the Labor Day storm.

Last night in Period 1, the Islanders cut their deficit to 2 goals before the first intermission, which is manageable with a remaining 40 minutes of play.  Unfortunately, after that, the Lightning was just too strong.  Hitting on all sides of the puck, their offense scored another 2 goals in Period 2, and another 3 goals in Period 3.  The Islanders would only score once more in those remaining 40 minutes, proving that the offense and defense for the Lightning were rested and focused on their goal, beating the Islanders, and they did hard with a score of 8 – 2.

The Lightning’s offense was also far ahead of the Islanders when it came to shots on goal, achieving 10 more than the Islanders. 34 to 24.  This means that roughly 23.5% of the time the Lightning took a shot at the net, they scored, which is incredible especially at this level of competition in the East Conference Final.  It is also important we recognize the other huge part of how this steller win was possible, Andrei Vasilevskiy, the Lightning’s goaltender who held the Islanders to only 2 goals all night and allowed his team to finish 6 goals ahead.

If there is a chink in this team’s armor, I haven’t seen a franchise find it yet, and that is coming from a sportswriter whose home team lost to them in these playoffs!  I give credit where it is due, I am a fair writer and can’t lie, the Islanders need to step up or they may be stepping out of these playoffs far sooner than they expect.  Right now, I question if any team in the NHL can beat the Lightning, if they stay healthy and focused, they could be hoisting a Stanley Cup in a matter of weeks.  Hockey can change at any time, it’s unpredictably addicting in that way, but this team has consistently improved in the bubble; proving they are a team, if not the team, to be reckoned with.

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