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Lightning Vs. Islanders Game 4

B. Nelson would open up the scoring over half way through Period 2 for his New York Islanders, but unfortunately the Islanders gladly accepted the challenge, and the goal was met and exceeded quickly.  After a goal each from B. Coleman and O. Palat we would round out Period 2 with a Lightning lead by 1.  The team extended that in Period 3 with 2 additional goals, one from B. Point and an empty-net to round out their 4 – 1 win by P. Maroon.

With this win now in the books, we have a series lead of 3 – 1, held by the Lightning.  In reality we could have a set Stanley Cup Playoff for 2020, i. e. the last two teams standing of the 24 we began with, by Wednesday.  The Stars now lead their own series with the Golden Knights 3 – 1 as well.  So, we will watch with extra interest tomorrow and Tuesday evening, as either or both teams, may advance to face each other for the ultimate prize, the 2020 Stanley Cup.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time in this playoff runs we’ve seen a team so close, just to be reminded coming up with that final 4th win is more difficult than the first 3.  The Islanders or Golden Knights could push a successful comeback, and that is what will make the next nights of hockey so exciting.  Will they?  Won’t they?  We’ll have to tune in to find out NHL fans!

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