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East Conference Final Will See Game 6!

By R. Pulock scoring first in the first period we had high hopes for the underdogs of this Game 5, the Islanders, who had to win tonight or go home.  Unfortunately, the Lightning had an answer for that in the early second period, by way of V, Hedman goal.  After this tie at a goal each, we would wait until the tail end of the first overtime for a chance at a goal.  However, even though the Lightning did scorer, it did not count as it entered the net after the buzzer, confirming the first overtime had ended with no score.  Once another intermission passed and another near 8 minutes of play lapsed, J. Eberie came in and saved the day for his team.  His puck went straight into the net, and his Islander’s team will live to see a Game 6, Thursday evening in the Canada bubble!

This second overtime score and game win could be the spark the Islanders needed to come back in this series.  Yes, in order to advance they would have to win the next 2 games, however there is nothing to say that isn’t possible.  On the other hand, this could be the spark and wake up call the Lightning needed to remind them they still need another win to advance, and they are against a team who hadn’t been this far, in 27 years.  Each team has something to fight for, and that winner becomes the East Conference Champ, going on to play the Stars of Dallas for the Stanley Cup.   In a year that has been anything but normal, the desire for every NHL team to fight skate and stick for that, has never changed.  Rather grown stronger, as there was a chance just months ago, this playoff may never even happen!  So, it will be exhilarating to see who has the grit, and focus, to follow through and end this series.

Watch Game 6 Thursday evening, check your local listings for pregame, and puck drop!

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