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Tampa Bay Lightning Takes the East!

We have a Stanley Cup Playoff!

In Period 1 we saw both D. Toews score for the New York Islanders and V. Hedman score for the Tam[a Bay Lightning.  This would be the Game 6 score, 1 – 1, until A. Cirelli scored at 13: 18 in OT 1 for the Lightning, winning the game and East Conference Final series for his team!  Both of these teams played with such skill and determination, each making incredible saves, and scores in this series and prior, reaching this point is prideful, win or lose.  The Islanders hadn’t been to this point in a playoff since their season in 1993. so seeing them get here is an accomplishment all on it’s own, and possibly a driver to get them further in the 2020 – 2021 season.

Looking forward, the Dallas Stars now know who they will meet and finally battle against for that beautiful Stanley Cup 2020, and all its glory!  This is the start of the final series, and for those who have watched from the start, this is truly the show we’ve been waiting for.  No holds bar, lay it all on the ice, play your hearts out hockey at its finest.  See you on NBC, Saturday night, 7:30 PM, for the start of what will be a fight of the best, to be the best!

Go Dallas Stars!

Go Tampa Bay Lightning!

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