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Stanley Cup Final – Game 1

Last night, although without the encouraging fans, we saw a Stanley Cup Final like those in the past.  It was a nice sense of normalcy as the Dallas Stars of the West met the Tampa Bay Lightning from the East.  Both teams brining the physical and mental strength we’ve seen these teams power on with through these series, all to get to this very point, and have a 50% chance of coming from the Canada Bubble with the 2020 Stanley Cup!

We open the scoring with the Stars J. Hanley striking first. just over five minutes in, to give his team a goal advantage.  However, as has been typical, the lightning had a quick response as Y. Gourde answered with a goal of his own, roughly seven minutes later.  With a 1 – 1 tie, we would go into Period 2, wondering who would break this and go ahead yet again.  This would be the Stars in a huge way, as J. Oleksiak and J. Kiviranta would both score for the Stars and leave no room for the Lightning to responded.  With great defense and a final empty net goal by J. Dickinson, the Stars would pull off a big win in the 2020 Stanley Cup Game 1, winning 4 – 1!

The next game will be tomorrow evening in primetime on NBCSN.  So, what does Game 1 in this final series tell us?  It shows Dallas is excited to be back in the final for the first time in 20 years., ready to show not only why they have made it so far, but to finish the job they set out to accomplish around two months ago.  Further, the Stars finished their West Conference Final series against the Golden Knights a game sooner than the Lightning, and those extra couple days of rest are showing.  For the Lightning to make a comeback in Game 2, they will have to dig deep and push on, this is the time to bring it, not back down.  The Stars will not wait to finish this series and leave with Stanley’s Cup, if they aren’t careful they could blink, and their moment to claim their first in 16 years, could vanish as quickly as it came.  We will see what tomorrow evening has in store for us, if the Lightning can rise to the occasion, or if the Stars will put them in their place yet again.

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