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Stanley Cup Final – Game 2

Tonight, in Period 1 the Tampa Bay Lightning made it clear, they would not be shut out of the 2020 Stanley Cup without a fight.  B. Point, O. Palat, and K. Shattenkirk all scored in the first.  Their defense keeping the goal empty, in regard to the Dallas Star scoring, resulted in the Lightning going into intermission 1 up 3 – 0.  In the second though J. Pavelski showed that there was still 2 periods remaining in this game, and that the Stars were down, but not out.  Going into the third, M. Janmark of the Stars came back with a goal of his own, taking the teams within a goal of each other, with the Lightning barely holding their strong lead from the first.  The Lightning would score again in the third, however it would be retracted after the Stars challenged, finding quickly the Stars were in the right as the Lightning faced an Offsides and forfeited the goal.  This would be the final time either net would see a score, the final Lighting win, 3 – 2.

This now evens the series in the 2020 Stanley Cup Final, each team having a win, as we look forward to Wednesday and Game 3.  Tonight’s game was full of physical conflict and play, resulting in several unnecessary penalties on both sides of the ice.  These hurt the Stars, as the Lightning cashed in on powerplay goals, where the Stars could not.  I said in my prior article after Game 1 that the Lightning had to push back in order to have a chance against the Stars.  I’m thrilled to see this happened, as again it is the very end, each team has a truly equal shot at winning it all.  The best part, we now have a complementary series, where both teams have shown their ability to beat the other.  We are now looking at a confirmed 5 game series, and it wouldn’t surprise me if in the next 2 games, that need extended out to a 7 game series.  Both of these teams have each suffered their battle wounds to get here, they are both exhausted, but there is something to be said for that thrill of a win, or the bitter taste of a loss.  One is thrilling, one is devastating, but both can drive you to be better as a player and a team.  I think these two teams have that drive to expand to the max 7-games, we will see in the next coming week if I am correct, however for now we look to the near future of Game 3, Wednesday night on NBCSN!

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