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Stanley Cup Final – Game 4

Wow, that was a game!

Last night was a big score game, so let’s break it down by Period.  In the first we had goals from J. Kingberg and J. Pavelski for the Dallas Stars, as well as B. Point for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Then going into the second we had another score from B. Point for the Tampa Bay Lightning, this gave us a tie at 2 goals a piece, but not for long as C. Perry scored for the Stars.  However, at the very end of Period 2, we would have another Lightning goal from Y. Gourde, resulting in a 3 – 3 tie going into Period 3.

Entering this Period 3, we would have another goal first from the Lightning by way of A. Killorn.  Unfortunately for the Lightning their 4 – 3 lead wouldn’t last long, as J. Pavelski would find the net a second time last night.  This gave us a score of 4 – 4 and no one broke this tie until overtime.

This overtime was shot lived though for Star fans.  The Lightning finding their way to the net within 6:34, scoring to win the game 5 – 4.  This now marks their third series win in a row, now with a solid a 3 – 1 game lead over the Stars, they need just another game win to take the 2020 Stanley Cup.

Going into game 5 tonight, the Stars have to stay focused, or this cup will be literally taken from them.  They came out strong tonight and constantly bounced back, but it just wasn’t enough.  Tonight though could give them an advantage, if the Lightning believe they have this series in the bag, they could give up a game or more.  Any sport is as much physical as it is mental talent, meaning if the Stars can outplay the Lightning, they may have a chance to bounce back and extend this series.

On the other hand, the Lightning know they only need one more win to seal this deal, and bring that cup home to Florida.  If they stay in the game, focused, knowing this series is not in the bag until the final buzzer, on their fourth game win, they could pull this out in 5.  In 3 games they have made tomorrow night an elimination, do or die, for the Stars.  I strongly suggest you don’t miss it, as a 9 week run of 24 teams could all end.  One team will rise a Stanley Cup Champion, or one team will make them fight for it just a little harder; it’s still anyone’s game as we start at 0 – 0 again tomorrow night, in Edmonton Canada!

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