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Stanley Cup Final – Game 5

Well, as you can see, this article is a Game 5 review and not declaring a 2020 Stanley Cup winner, meaning it’s still up for grabs!

Going to Period 1 C. Perry of the Dallas Stars made his presence known yet again, having the only score in this period for both teams.  However, early into Period 2 we had O. Palat come back with a goal of his own, another name we’ve heard quite often in this and prior series, he would even the score for the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Following this up, we had a goal from M. Sergachev of the Lightning again, giving the Lightning their first lead of Game 5 in Period 3.  The Stars wouldn’t lose that Stanley Cup so easy though, as J. Pavelski pulled out a beauty just over 13 minutes into Period 3.  This evened the score again at 2 each, sending us into our beloved overtime yet again!

It would actually take not just 1, but a double dose of overtime to decide this game, and why not C. Perry to finish what he started?  Scoring the first goal of the game, and the last, the Stars pulled away with the win and live to fight in a Game 6, slated for primetime Monday!  With their tonight 3 – 2 over the Lightning, this leaves them trailing in the series with only 2 game won to the Lightning’s 3, but remember they have pushed a Game 6 and that is huge.

If they could pull out another win, it would tie the series at 3 games each, and force a winner-take-all Game 7 for the 2020 Stanley Cup.  Although this would be amazing to see, as these two teams are so good at bringing out the best in each other, we have a long way to go before we concern ourselves with a Game 7.  Still, after tonight’s exhilarating double overtime win in Game 5, it is kind of fun to think about, isn’t it?  Well, unless you’re a Lightning fan, but if you’re just a fan of exceptional hockey, this is the Stanley Cup you dreamed of in that 4-month hockey hiatus, even if your team was knocked out!

Remember, Game 6, Monday in Primetime, where we will have a 2020 Stanley Cup Champ…or a Game 7?  It’s another elimination game for the Stars, like last nights, but if they can carry the momentum they have a chance.   So, who will it be and how will this game top Games 4 and 5?  Who knows, but it’s certainly made this Canadian Stanley Cup Bubble battle worth the 9 week wait!

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