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CBJ trades Josh Anderson

Well, we didn’t have to wait till tonight for change to arrive, the Columbus Blue Jackets have just traded star player Josh Anderson.

Anderson is a 26 year old in the Right Wing position. A very skilled and popular player in Columbus, he was drafted 95th in 2012. In his early seasons the man was on fire, playing mostly every game and racking up goals, but recently injuries have haunted him. This last 2019-2020 season, he only played a total of 6 games and scored only 1 goal, as a shoulder injury and surgery left him out most of the season.

For the last 6 seasons, Anderson has only ever been a Blue Jacket, playing a total of 267 games with 65 goals of his own, and 50 assists. It is a stellar career and one we hope to watch continue, but unfortunately, it will not in Columbus. Hailing from Ontario Canada, this is probably bitter sweet for him, to leave his team in the United States, but return to his home country, traded to the Montreal Canadiens. In exchange, the Blue Jackets will receive Max Domi, and the Canadiens 78th overall third round pick, in the 2020 NHL Draft beginning tonight.

It is sad to see a young and long-time player be traded. However, as always we wish Josh Anderson the best of luck, as we do for all our departed Blue Jacket players. The NHL 2020 Draft has not yet begun, but the changing of teams certainly has, and I for one am excited to see the result. No team will be the same, and as we look forward to a new season, it is exhilarating to think what will happen next. Stick with Skullking Sports for full coverage of the 2020 NHL Draft, as well as information on our new Blue Jacket, Max Domi!

Go Jackets!

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