Lions’ Post-Draft Fantasy Projections

Post Draft Detroit Lions’ Fantasy Football Projections

by Brad Holda

Admittedly this may seem premature, since the draft just ended and we’re four months away from football. But these are just projections, pretty much educated guesses backed up by statistical data and our own personal analysis.

I’m here to talk about three lions you may want to consider drafting when September rolls around. In a 1st or 2nd round draft pick, it is wise to consider Megatron as he is Matthew Stafford’s favorite target. I mean this guy can do it all. From what I hear he is pretty healthy right now but seemingly injury prone. Much like the late Reggie Bush, talented guy, but ultimately got dropped because of his propensity for injury. That’s why I say he is a solid 2nd round pick up.

Going into the 5th or 6th round I would find it wise to pick up Golden Tate. Keep him on the bench until the Lions go up against a team with a solid cornerback that will be all over Calvin Johnson. I did this all last season and won a ton of games because of him. If Johnson is double teamed, Tate is going to be targeted frequently. He catches everything thrown to him and he has the ability to break tackles with breakaway speed.

In the last rounds of the draft I would say that Matthew Stafford could make a good solid bench quarterback. Stafford has proven to be mediocre at best, but can rack up the points against some of the weaker teams in the league because of the talent he has to throw to. Especially because he is good for at least 30-40 passes a game. I don’t suspect that to change until they get Ameer Abdullah acclimated at the NFL level. Maybe he can be a guy who gets the ball for 15-20 rushes. However, the probability of any of that happening this year will be pretty small.


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