Upside of Drafting Rookies

Upside of Drafting Rookies and Tips
by Brad Holda
Generally fantasy players and the purported “experts” that give us the bona fide advice we need to succeed in our leagues advise against drafting rookies. As a generalization, this is not necessarily bad advice.  Most rookies sit out the first year buried on the depth chart getting caught up to speed at the pro level.  However, there is some technique to drafting a rookie and having it pay off.
There were not a ton of rookies that broke out into being starters last year, but if you correctly assess a player’s talent and compare that to the teams depth chart, there is a good possibility, if done right, you could win big.  I fared pretty well with this last year, as I drafted Kelvin Benjamin in the later rounds.  He turned out to be a solid flex player and even a WR2, based on what defense they were playing.  I did not draft Sammy Watkins, but towards the end of the season someones investment in him ended up paying dividends. So, if you are thinking of drafting a rookie, make sure you do your due diligence and research the player and the teams current depth charts.  This, for me, has been a recipe for success.

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