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Teddy Unabridged


by Brad Holda

Teddy was born in Miami, Florida and attended Miami Northwestern High School.
Beginning his high school career behind Jacory Harris, he quickly rose
to the ranks of a super “star”ter, no pun intended. In Bridgewater’s
junior season he passed for a shocking 2,546 yards and recorded 32
touchdowns. But as a dual threat gunslinger, he also rushed for 380
yards and 5 more scores. Later that year he went 19 for 24 passing in
a competitive game, accumulating 327 passing yards and a Dade county
record of 7 touchdowns. After this, the kid started heating up. He had
a fever for football and the only prescription was more success.

The next year he surpassed his record breaking junior season, showing his
maturation and high learning curve. He torched the opposition with
over 2600 passing yards and 22 touchdowns all the while missing big
gaps of the season with a medial collateral ligament injury. While it is only
speculation, it would not be hard to fathom him Teddy shelling out close to 4,000 yards passing the ole’ pigskin if healthy the whole season. Despite his injury, he also blazed the competition running for 223
yards and reaching paydirt 8 times.

After his spectacular senior season, injuries and all, he
was considered a solid 4 star recruit by rivals and the sixth best
dual threat quarterback in all the land. He eventually signed with the
Louisville Cardinals and entered the season as a backup. That lasted
an eternity of 3 games as he earned the starting position in the
fourth game. To be short and to the point, he ended up playing stellar
for a freshman, earning the award for Big East rookie of the year. Each
year he played for the Cardinals he improved his passing yards into
the likes of around a thousand yards. After three years of playing for
the Cards he was 13 yards shy of reaching 10,000 passing yards. In the
final game of his junior year against the Miami Hurricanes in the Russell Athletic Bowl, Teddy blazed the opposition, slinging the pigskin 35 for 42. That
is downright nasty, I mean after this performance he needs at least an
hour long shower, it was that dirty. He passed for three touchdowns and
was unanimously named the games MVP.


Entering the draft in 2014, he was selected 32nd for the Minnesota Vikings, subsequently signing a lucrative 4 year deal. As if following the same script of high school and college career, he started the
season as a backup quarterback. He entered as starter in the third
week of football in relief of Matt Cassell. After passing for 150
yards against the New Orleans Saints, he was appointed the starting
position. Even without having the dynamic Adrian Peterson, struggling to
find a solid runningback and establishing a run attack to open up the
passing game, he still exceeded the expectations of most. The Vikings
ended up finishing the season at 7-9 and Bridgewater was selected as
the Pepsi rookie of the year, among other awards. He recorded an
impressive 64.4 percent of completed passes. Indicative of laser sharp
accuracy, as defenses were not respecting the run game and constantly enduring
pass rushes and delayed blitzes and safety blitzes, Bridgewater easily evaded
stunts with his ability to run, having experience being a dual threat
quarterback. But it is extremely rare having that passing completion
percentage being a dual threat quarterback. It is generally noted that
dual threat quarterbacks lack certain fundamentals that pocket passers
possess. For referential purposes, see Tim Tebow.

Moving on to this year, I find Bridgewater to be a sleeper pick in
the draft. Reason being, he will have Adrian Peterson back, one of the
most dynamic runningbacks in all the NFL. Defenses eventually
respecting the run game, will exponentially open the passing game. And
don’t forget, Bridgewater can scramble like eggs, with the best of
them. Putting all of this in perspective, it is not out of the scope
of reason that Bridgewater can increase his passing percentage all the
way up to 70 percent. If history has not conveyed anything to you,
realize in high school and in college, each subsequent season he
improved dramatically statistically all the way across the board. I
understand this is speculation, but I can easily envision this cat
eventually resembling Russell Wilson, as he possesses many of the
intangibles. Seattle has Marshawn Lynch, and the Vikings have Adrian
Peterson. Both teams have average receivers, but Teddy has a slight
advantage. He is five inches taller than Wilson. That does not mean he
will experience the same type of success, but it is definitely a
possibility as both teams have similar offensive potential.

Vikings finished the 2014 year at 7-9. I believe, regardless of my
earlier projections, that they could literally flip the script and
roll to a 9-7 record, giving the Detroit Lion’s good competition for
the Wild Card position. That’s how it looks on paper, but you know the
NFL, there are no algorithms or logarithms that can accurately predict
the success of each team. Regardless of any individuals track record
or purported expertise, nobody can really predict the outcome of any
teams performance. It is fun, but let’s be honest. When the season
begins, it’s anyone’s game, considering most of the teams have pretty
similar talent levels. This is where Bridgewater’s mental acuity and
ability to be coached will show off his intangibles. I don’t care if
Peterson had missed two seasons, he is still going to come out being one
of the best runningbacks and take pressure off Bridgewater.

Farbeit from me it, I’m not a fan of
conjecture but I feel this is just the way things are going to shake
down. The addition of Peterson will enhance Bridgewater’s ability to
stand in the pocket and hit receivers with a laser like focus. You do
the math, if he was 7-9 with a disrespected rushing attack, what do
you think this dude’s ceiling is? I don’t know, but I believe it’s
high enough to not touch without defying gravity. That’s my take, and
I take it like a guy receiving a free car. Teddy Bridgewater is
going to be the vehicle that literally drives this team to success.
Each year the Viking’s will get better. You can bet your bottom
dollar, or even your top if you have one. Bridgewater is going to be
one of this season’s biggest fantasy sleepers. Like a guy waking from
a seroquel slumber, he will rise to the occasion and surpass the
menial expectations fans have of him. I mean, he did it in high school
and college. Why wouldn’t he be able to do it at the NFL level. Now
that he has Adrian Peterson the sky is the limit, maybe even the


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