The Dallas Broncos?


by Kevin Trainham

Two years ago, the Fantasy Football world was taken over by a Denver Bronco team led by Peyton Manning, a terrific offensive line, Knowshon Moreno, a second year TE, and a very good receiving corps. The numbers put up by Peyton and the rest of the offense were incredible. Arguments were made that one could have drafted an all Bronco Fantasy team and won their leagues easily. Could this kind of year happen again by another team? Enter “America’s Team”, The Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys finished last season 12-4, NFC East Champions, and a controversial call away from a trip to the NFC Championship game. DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo were numbers 7 and 10, respectively, in Fantasy Football points per game last season. What shall we expect from Dallas this season, Fantasy Football wise and beyond?

The Cowboys surely had an interesting off season. The loss of Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant’s “video” that never surfaced, the signing of Greg Hardy, and their intriguing draft choices have all made for a certain buzz around “America’s Team” that was sorely lacking in past off seasons.

Not much was expected of this team going into last season. The owner himself proclaimed early in 2014 that the season would be a rebuilding type year. However, after losing against the 49ers in week one, that quickly changed as the Cowboys quickly got things going in the right direction. Tony Romo had a terrific season, Murray was arguably the best RB in football, Dez Bryant was putting up beast numbers, and the offensive line was rapidly becoming the superior O-line in football.

At QB, Tony Romo, is no Peyton Manning. However, his numbers can pose a very decent argument to suggest he is, or very well could put up a season similar to 2013 Peyton Manning. Last season, Tony Romo posted a career best completion rate of 69.9%. While throwing for close to 4000 yards, he also managed to pass for 37 TDs in 15 games. This all coming with Murray rushing the ball an astounding 392 times. To say Romo can post 2013 Manning numbers (55 TD 5477 yds 68.3%) isnt as far- fetched as some may think.


The 2013 Denver Bronco recieving corps consisted of D. Thomas, E. Decker, W. Welker, and an unknown Julius Thomas (4th on depth chart prior to 2013 Fantasy Draft) at TE. The Cowboy receivers are D. Bryant, T. Williams, C. Beasley (some say mini Wes),  and the still very reliable J.Witten. Is this group of wideouts such a huge dropoff from that of Denver’s 2013 team, or is it similar, maybe even better? They are all very capable to put up the numbers that the Bronco’s pass catchers did that year.

Remember how Knowshon Moreno came out of nowhere in 2013? Who had him high on their draft boards before 2013 season? Moreno had a very productive season scoring 13 TDs, rushing for almost 1100 yds, catching 60 balls, and posting 600 yards receiving. How did all that happen? Could it have been that stellar offensive line leading Moreno out of nowhere to becoming a top NFL Running Back? Could this easily happen to a Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, or maybe even a Ben Tate (rumors are he may sign)?


Which brings us to this coming season. Can the Dallas Cowboys win the NFC East again, while missing their 2014 MVP? Was it the offensive line that propelled Murray to his great season? Can Dallas be the 2013 Denver Broncos and post out of this world Fantasy Football numbers? These questions, among others, will soon be answered.


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