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Early Returns – Cordarrelle Patterson

by Brad Crainer

Oh, Cordarrelle, you have the coolest and most difficult to spell name on the entire Vikings roster. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing that you are bringing to the table this season. You have everything that I want from an elite NFL wide receiver. You’re 6’2”, 220 pounds. You’re young, fast, and have awesome hair. What more could I ask for from a Fantasy wideout?

Points. I need more points!

In 2013, Cordarrelle was far from earth shaking, but he made a great start as a flex option or as a WR3, particularly in leagues that tracked individual special teams yardage (and if your league doesn’t by now, then get with the times). Patterson accounted for 8 total TDs: 4 receiving, 2 rushing, and 2 on kick returns. Total yardage amassed was over 2000 yards.

In 2014, Patterson was one of those sleeper picks that everyone was dreaming about and whoever ended up with him was just itching for the first kickoff of the NFL season. Despite playing in all 16 games, Patterson was only able to achieve minimal success. With 2 total TDs (1 rushing, 1 receiving) and 500 fewer return yards, Cordarrelle had a disappointing sophomore campaign.

The question now becomes, “What do I do about Cordarrelle Patterson?”


I would like to say that he is still worth a gamble as a late round pickup and that he has some value in deeper leagues, but with Patterson practicing with the second team and with the late season surge of Charles Johnson (who?), it is becoming difficult to buy into Patterson’s chances of making much impact on the field. This, coupled with the addition of Mike Wallace, makes Cordarrelle Patterson’s 2015 value seem limited.

However, I wouldn’t count this blur of purple out just yet. There is still plenty of time before the real season begins, and Patterson should be motivated by competition to perform at his best in the coming months. A change in coaches and offensive coordinators could be just what the doctor ordered for Patterson, and for the Vikings.


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