Kevin’s Pre-Season Picks

by Kevin Trainham

Ok, so it’s still a bit early, but as it stands today, here are my player rankings for this year’s upcoming Fantasy Football Draft. I’ve included some sleepers, as well as some analysis on my rankings. Remember, it’s still early, and much can change before August comes around. Oh, and lets not forget who could be the Fantasy Football’s comeback-from-obscurity Player of the Year. Enjoy!


                      TOP 5 QBs


1. A. Rodgers (GB)

Until someone proves otherwise, this guy still tops my Fantasy QB list. The numbers are there every season.

2. A.Luck (IND)

This may be the guy that some say has proven #1 pick material for one’s Fantasy squad. Certainly, the argument can be made. Especially with his added offensive weapons.

3. P.Manning (DEN)

I cannot leave this man out of the top 5 just yet. Peyton is still highly capable of putting up ridiculous numbers.

4. M.Ryan (ATL)

He helped me win my League last season. With a healthy Julio Jones, a re-vamped running game, and all of his talent, the sky is the limit for “Matty Ice”.

5. T. Romo (DAL)

If you haven’t read my polarizing article on The Dallas Cowboys, then you do not know my opinion on what I believe this QB has the ability to accomplish this season.




1. S. Bradford(PHI)

What the new Philadelphia Eagle QB can do in this offense can make you look like a Fantasy God this season. However, if history repeats itself, it could very well be a wasted mid to late round pick. Worth a shot, in my opinion.

2. M. Mariota(TEN)

With a healthy offensive line, a decent amount of talented weapons in the recieving corps, and this QBs ability to rush the football he could prove heavy dividends to a Fantasy team.

3. R. Tannehill(MIA)

Every season guys take a flier on this talented gunslinger only to be let down. Maybe this is his year.

4. B. Bortles(JAX)

The Jags have acquired weapons to assist in this young man’s growth. He may surprise many this coming season.

5. T. Bridgewater(MIN)

A lot of people are high on this guy doing some big things in his sophomore season. Will A.P. be around to guide his progression to said big things?




1. J. Charles(KC)

No question about it that this Running Back is far and away the #1 guy on the board. No reason to believe he will have a drop off type season. That is, if he remains healthy. I believe he will.

2. L. Bell(PIT)

What a season, what a workhorse. The offense in Pittsburgh revolves around Mr. Bell.

3. A. Peterson(MIN?)

No matter what happens with this guy, or where he ends up playing (odds are he remains a Viking) he will produce big Fantasy numbers.

4. M. Lynch(SEA)

TD numbers may suffer a bit now that they have another legitimate red zone threat (J.Graham) yet he’s still a top 5 option in any draft.

5a. E. Lacy(GB)

His 73 forced missed tackles on 287 touches was tops in the NFL. Also, his 18 carries of 15 yds or more was second to only the leading rusher in football last season, Demarco Murray.

5b D. Murray(PHI)

Hard to leave last season’s leading rusher off this list. Hence, the “5a 5b” scenario.


         Top 5 SLEEPER RBs


1. T.J. Yeldon(JAX)

Jacksonville’s RB depth chart is crowded, but it seems that the 2nd round pick has impressed all of the coaches early on in OTAs, and it’s his job too lose. Do not believe he will lose the starting job.

2. T. Gurley(STL)

Gurley vs. Mason. Who wins the battle? Gurley has the combination of size and speed that Coach Fisher loves. Winner…..Gurley. Also a winner…..the Fantasy owner who has this young man on his Fantasy radar.

3. T. Coleman(ATL)

Another intriguing matchup this preseason for RBs……Coleman vs. Freeman. Tough one to call, but as one can clearly see, Coleman is #3 on the sleeper list for a good reason.

4. S. Vereen(NYG)

A must in a PPR League! He may also get the bulk of the carries as well. We shall see.

5. C. Sims(TB)

He’s all set to be the man in Tampa. Should do well considering Jameis Winston will need his help on the offensive side of the ball. The only reason he is 5 on the list is because not too many rookie QB/ RB combos have faired well in past ventures together.



1. A. Brown(PIT)

A few years ago, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan argued with me that Brown was a better Wide Receiver than S. Holmes. Boy how wrong this guy was about the Top Wideout of this season’s Fantasy Football Draft.

2. J. Jones(ATL)

Julio is the most talented Receiver Ive seen in years. He’s not this high on many draft boards, yet he shall remain on mine. As long as he’s healthy, the only Receiver more consistent is the one on top of this list.

3. O. Beckham Jr.(NYG)

Maybe as early as next season, we will be posing an argument that this young man should be drafted number one overall in most Fantasy Football drafts.

4. C. Johnson(DET)

Over the past few seasons the arguments were made that Megatron should be taken #1 overall, not anymore, yet still a viable Top 5 option at WR.

5a. D. Thomas(DEN)

With Julius gone, the not so educated Fantasy Football players no longer have to get confused watching highlights wondering which Thomas just caught a Touchdown in Denver

5b. D. Bryant(DAL)

Tough to leave this guy off the list. Hence the 5a, 5b scenario yet again.


              Top 5 Sleeper WRs


1. A. Cooper(OAK)

His productivity at Alabama was top notch. Opposite M. Crabtree, he could very well be D. Carr’s number one option. In an educated draft room, this guy will not be on the board very long.

2. N. Agholor(PHI)

Chip Kelly adores this guy. It wont be long before his owners adore him as well.

3. B. Perriman(BAL)

Joe Flacco will be connecting with this young man early and often this coming season. He’s already number two on the depth chart, and before long I believe he will be the number one Receiver in Baltimore.

4. D. Parker(MIA)

Well, R. Tannehill has a new contract and two new weapons at Wideout. I am thinking Parker will surpass Landry in Fantasy production this season.

5a. K. White(CHI)

With Cutler’s favorite target for years gone, I think K.White will put up some decent numbers this year.

5b. D. Green- Beckham(TEN)

The potential of this kid is second to none. If he can avoid having any more off the field issues, than what a combo Mariota and Beckham could potentially become.


          TOP 5 TEs

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 27:  Rob Gronkowski #87 of the New England Patriots reacts after he caught a 24-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on November 27, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

1. R. Gronkowski(NE)

His numbers for the first four games, if Brady’s suspension is upheld, may be even more ballooned, because we all know a good, quality TE is a backup QB’s best friend.

2. J. Graham(SEA)

Very anxious to see this guy’s production in the Seattle offense. R. Wilson may be even more anxious.

3. J. Thomas(JAX)

Hard to keep a guy with his productivity out of the top 5. Was it Peyton that helped this guy progress to an elite level, or is J.T. the real deal? Bortles sure hopes its the latter.

4.T. Kelce(KC)

Was A. Smith’s go to guy last season. The way the KC offense is ran, no reason to think that this TE will not have a very successful season once again.

5. Z. Ertz(PHI)

Only Gronk, and Kelce had more yards per play than this Philadelphia TE. He needs to work on his blocking to see more reps, yet still posted 58 receptions for 702 yards last season.


                      Top 5 D/ST


1. Seattle

Every season this team has has been the best option. No reason to think any different now.

2. St. Louis

J. Fisher has himself quite a defense that he has assembled. With the ball control offense he plans to run this season, this is a very good Defense to have on your Fantasy team this year.

3. Buffalo

Did some very good things last season and expect much of the same from them this time around.

4. Houston

Much more to this Defense other than JJ Watt. That is, if that was not enough.

5. Arizona

Three NFC West teams in the Top 5 of D/ ST rankings. All of them, including this one, can be the top ranked Fantasy D this coming season.


Fantasy Football’s

Comeback Player of the Year 2015

1. Sam Bradford(PHI)

Have you read my article on this years potential top sleeper? If not, you definitely should.

2. Darren McFadden(Dal)

Behind that talented offensive line, could RUN DMC grace Fantasy players with the vigorous season we all have thought many times he would?

3. R. Griffin III(WSH)

The Redskins are once again committed to RG3 this coming season. Can he return to his rookie form (3200 yds passing, 20 TDs, 5INT, 65 comp pct), throwing, and rushing the football?

4. N. Foles(STL)

Oh how the Eagle fans would not love to see this happen. However, Foles had a very good season two years ago(27 TDs 2 Int). Can that magic happen once again in St. Louis?

5. V. Cruz(NYG)

After last seasons disappointing start (337 yds, 1 TD in six games), Cruz was injured and missed the rest of the year. However, now with the emergence of Beckham Jr, does this open up more of an opportunity for Cruz to do many more salsa dances this season?



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