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Teddy Bridgewater – Bridging the Gap

by Brad Crainer

Recently, Teddy Bridgewater was interviewed by multiple media sources and was quoted as saying, “It’s easy to sit here and say how good we can be, but it’s still early June and it’s too early to tell.” While he is correct that it is far too early to predict the team’s overall success, there is plenty of new information that helps to expound upon the future of this young quarterback.


As Teddy prepares to begin his sophomore season in the NFL, he is met with a myriad of expectations and what amounts to a new offense in terms of personnel. With the additions of Mike Wallace at WR, Adrian Peterson at RB, and what is hopefully a healthy Kyle Rudolph at TE, Teddy Bridgewater could potentially be entering the season with one of the best offensive lineups in the NFC North, paling in comparison only to the Green Bay Packers.

Look at these lineups and tell me who you’d rather have at the top three skilled positions:

Detroit: Joique Bell, Calvin Johnson, Eric Ebron

Chicago: Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett

Green Bay: Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Andrew Quarless

Minnesota: Adrian Peterson, Mike Wallace, Kyle Rudolph

If given the opportunity to rank these weapons, an argument could be made that Teddy Bridgewater is going into 2015 with top 2 talent at each of the big three positions, and with the exception of Adrian Peterson, he has one of the youngest groups of skilled players in the division.

In 2014, Teddy managed to complete 64.4% of his passes for 2919 yards and 14 TDs within 13 games. If you were to extrapolate that over a 16 game season, Teddy would have had 3592 yards and 17 TDs. Though this would not have been an incredible season by any stretch, he was still able to have this modicum of success with a banged up team, no running game, and no legitimate number one receiving threat – no offense to Mr. Charles Johnson.

So when making your draft board and trying to figure out who you are going to take this season as your franchise QB, don’t be too quick to count out the Louisville product. Teddy Bridgewater has demonstrated that he is an intelligent young man and with AP, Mike Wallace and a healthy O-line, I would not be surprised to see Teddy bridge the gap between mediocre young talent and legitimate starting QB for a potential playoff team.

My fantasy projections for Teddy B:

20 TDs, 12 INT, 3800 PaYd, 2 RuTD, 176 RuYd



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