SkullKing Debate: Draft or Wait on QB? Greg Talcott says DRAFT

You are drafting, mid 2nd round, both Rodgers and Luck are available. 1) Are you drafting one of them now or 2) stocking up on RBs and WRs and taking someone like Cam Newton or Eli Manning later on?

Greg Talcott

If you are reading this column you have undoubtedly seen “The League” – if you have played fantasy football for more than one season you know the crazy plotlines on the above mentioned show are more realistic than any of the line-ups, trade scenarios, etc., on the show.

Why do I mention this as a prelude to answering the question above? Because only in a six-team league full of glue-sniffing Raider fans would you pass on Luck or Rodgers in the middle of Round Two. Even in an 8 team league (which is the adult equivalent of swimming with “water wings”), you cannot name 10 players worth taking before these guys. This is true even in leagues that handicap QB’s by only giving 4 points per passing TD.

If you are playing in a 10-team league you do not get to pick 11 without one of these guys being drafted, meaning you must pick the other given the opportunity. This is especially true when looking at it from a WAR (wins above replacement) perspective. If both are gone, I look to make a play on Tom Brady in the middle of the draft and pick up great value with Carson Palmer late. In the meantime, I focus on backs and receivers with Luck and Rodgers off the board.


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