Undervalued: Don’t Count These Guys Out

by Ryan Skolrud


Here at SkullKing Football, we strive to give you the best advice we can in order to help you dominate your fantasy football leagues. In going through mock drafts on Yahoo to prepare draft kits for our readers, I have noticed many players whose ranking or ADP (average draft position) was a lot worse than I was expecting.

I can admit – I may be more willing to take risks on my fantasy teams than most. Last season I used the ‘Zero Running Back Strategy‘ in one of my leagues. While my league mates were laughing at every WR I took before drafting a RB, I was laughing at the end of the season when I won the league championship. However, getting to the playoffs also included taking some chances on late round players – Travis Kelce and Jeremy Hill were my late round picks that paid huge dividends. That said, here are a few players that, in my opinion, are an absolute steal at their current ADP and could take you to your league’s playoffs.

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