Six-Team League Strategies: Part 3 of 3 – The Auction Draft

by Brad Crainer

This is it, folks; the auction draft. This is the apex of fantasy football drafting techniques. Your auto-drafts and snake drafts are far behind you and you have decided to take your talents to the next level. But wait! You’ve only played in 10 and 12 team leagues up until now? You don’t know what to do? Well, never fear, your old pal Brad is here with one sure-fire way to dominate your six-team league.

The technique:

This is very simple, actually. So simple, in fact, that I am often surprised by how well I am able to draft every year I’m in a six-team league even though I use this (or some variation of this) technique every season. I call it, “The $1 Strategy”:

You have to fill the following positions: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K and 5 BENCH spots. That’s a total of 14 players to bid on with your $200 (Your results may vary based upon what your league sets up, but the same basic strategy works either way). That gives you an average of $14 per player to spend. And if you think you’re getting anyone good for $14 (and if you’re willing to spend $14 on a defense and a kicker) you’re nuts. The $1 Strategy goes like this:

QB – $1

D/ST – $1

K – $1

5 BENCH – $5

2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX = $32/player

It can also be broken down like I did last season:

QB – $1

RB1 – $40

RB2 – $20

WR1 – $40

WR2 – $40

FL1 – $26

FL2 – $26

D/ST – $1

K – $1

BENCH – $5


This strategy is going to provide you with a multitude of great options from your skill positions, and you’ll be attacking those positions from a financial standpoint that the traditional fantasy football player is unwilling to spend. And the best part about this strategy is that since you’ll be bidding higher than everyone else, you may not even have to reach your maximum budgeted amount, thus creating a surplus of cash to put into other undrafted positions.

The biggest complaint I get about this strategy is “How can you only spend $1 on a QB?!?!” Well, that too is simple. You’re in a six team league, dude (or dudette). The top 5 QBs are going to be taken and you’ll be left with your pick of the following possible candidates: Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, etc. etc. Even if those players get picked up as back ups for the other teams, you still have the potential for people like: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford. I feel like saving the big bucks that others are going to spend on a QB and putting it toward trying to get Antonio Brown or Adrian Peterson is going to be worth the risk 9.9/10 times.

In closing, if you’ve never been in a six-team league, you should give it a try. Whether it’s your first season as a fantasy football GM or you’ve been in the game awhile, mixing up your league sizes and league rules is always a good way to keep yourself challenged, have fun, and become a better GM.


Happy Drafting Folks!


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