AFC East

Pats vs Steelers Preview

steel-ltyp-k-rgb  VS pat-mkltp-1-rgb

Football is upon us! Hallelujah!

With that out of the way, look for the Patriots to beat the Steelers.

Tom Brady is MAD, and he has every right to be after the witch hunt that took place against himself and the rest of the New England Patriots Organization as a whole. A mad Tom Brady is a scary opponent to face. Poor Steelers’ Cornerbacks. Brady and Gronk are about to make their lives miserable.

Don’t expect Pittsburgh to just lay down and die, though. Big Ben and Antonio Brown, even without the services of Le’Veon Bell, are more than capable of lighting up the scoreboards themselves, especially with the Secondary being as patchwork as it is. Apologies to Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler, but until I see it for a full 16 games, I’m going to assume this Secondary is going to be the weakness of this Pats team.

It doesn’t help matters that Bryan Stork is now on IR. However, the Pats have learned to deal with such issues by playing a much shorter, quicker passing game – take Super Bowl 49 as the prime example of such a tactic.

When all things are said and done, the scoreboard, in reality and in Fantasy, is about to be lit up. I’ll take an angry Patriots squad with a mad Tom Brady at the helm to win it, 38-28.


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