Holda’s DFS Bargain Bin

by Brad Holda

Welcome again to Brad’s Bargain Bin Where You Can Come For Weekly DFS Advice!

What I’m going to do to make this easy on you is max out the cap on one line-up, showing you bargain players that are going to be used in the lower percentile that will statistically give you edge on your competition. I will also insert a few blurbs as to why I chose specific players for the line up. And if you sign up for DraftKings through our website, I will personally consult with you on your line-up all day Sunday, absolutely for free. Just feel free to email me at [email protected] and let me know by Saturday night if you want help from an experienced fantasy writer and DFS winner. I don’t book clients on Sunday’s unfortunately! Sunday is the holy grail of number crunching and football watching! Enjoy!

Carson Palmer is the best option this week. He’s averaging the highest weekly total going against the worst ranked defense perspectively. Essentially, he has statistically the highest upside.

Devonta Freeman – He has been going crazy in ppr leagues lately. I think getting around 38 points last week alone. He’s averaging 28.4 FPPG and is receiving around 20 touches a game on average with at least 3-5 targets.

Chris Johnson – He’s a low percentile player with quite a bit of upside receiving around 10-15 touches a game with 300 yards to his name in the past 3 games. Going against a weak Cleveland run defense, Johnson should give you a 20 for 20, a 20 percent owned player that’s going to get you 20 points easy.

Martavis Bryant – He’s been pretty active, surprisingly in the absence of Big Ben, averaging 25.2 FPPG in the two games he’s been back. Expect 5-8 targets with a touchdown. Another low percentage player that is reasonably priced that will most definitely produce.

Stefon Diggs – At 4800, this dude is a steal, he’s a plus-plus player. That’s what I call an emerging star at a cheap price that will put you ahead of your competition as he is for sure a 20 for 20 type guy, and he clears up valuable cap space for you. So he may be a plus-plus-plus.

Jeremy Maclin – This is a guy that around 60 percent of people are going to own but he’s worth it to get your baseline points that are essential for winning. And if you take into account that he’s Alex Smith’s #1 target going against an atrocious Detroit secondary that will force teams into passing because they are pretty good at stopping the run. You will realize this is a player that will make you very happy in fantasy leagues this week.

Delanie Walker – An above average tight end averaging around only 13 points a game. But if you take into consideration how bad of a Houston team they are going against, you will realize his targets, including red zone targets will be increased heavily. This guy is a solid 20 for 20.

And I normally don’t have a tight end for my Flex. But Greg Olsen is being heavily targeted in the red zone along with his normal 5-7 targets a game. Not to mention Carolina is going up against the 29th worst pass defense and dead last ranked team in total defense. Even though his points are touchdown dependent, I predict he gets 1-2 with 5-8 receptions. A solid bet that will earn you more baseline points as he will most likely be a popular pick with around 50% of players being owners.

And as for Saint Louis Rams defense. Defense doesn’t make or break you in fantasy, but I’ll give this team the benefit of the doubt because they are going against a team in San Francisco that is struggling to find its offensive identity. I bet the Rams get you a baseline 10 points.


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