Holda’s Week 9 DFS Bargain Bin

by Brad Holda

Here I am going to go over a list I have compiled for you replete with players I project will outperform their current salary.  I have found out that, for whatever reason, Draft Kings forgets to account for certain variables and severely undervalues certain players. I don’t know whether it’s a go by the numbers game, or if they just don’t take stock in current injury reports. Regardless of the reason, I’ve done the majority of the work for you and am going to list the top 4 value picks. Whether or not you choose them for your line up is your prerogative. I’m just going to point out some sleepers that will, in my mind, invariably give you the edge on your opponents, especially in GPP leagues.

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Get ready to dip your hands into my bargain bin!

Darren McFadden – $4300 Well it’s not exactly news, but Joseph Randle has been released by the Cowboys. This essentially renders McFadden the default all purpose back, and it’s not like he hasn’t earned it. He has been putting in work on the field! In the last 2 games McFadden has seen 49 touches for over 200 yards and a touchdown.  Add to that 8 receptions and 60 yards and you have a player that is poised for at least a 20 point showing. As a rule of thumb you want to get around 3.5-4 points per every thousand you spend on a player to build a winning team.  And McFadden has put up 44.5 points on the board over the last two games. By these game winning standards, that puts McFadden 5-8 points over his salary.  So whether you’re trying to get an edge by targeting a low percentage player or just trying to clear cap space for a stud, McFadden is worth his weight in Gold.  Especially considering McFadden is working behind a solid offensive line going up against a middle of the pack defense such as the Eagles.  Take him on out of the bin, you deserve him!


Jonathan Stewart – $4300 Here’s another statistical anomaly to grab out of the bin.  Stewart is the #1 back for the Panthers who is getting rushing attempts in the range of 16-22 per game.  Although his point total won’t blow you away, the ceiling is super high for Stewart, making him perfect for your GPP games. And watching up until last Sunday, average running backs of Denver running all over the Packers makes me think that Stewart has a high percentage chance of replicating the performance of Hillman and Anderson.  However this is a risky play because the Panthers might get into a shootout with the Cheese-heads.  This will greatly diminish Stewart’s touches if the Panthers at any time find themselves playing from behind. However, if their defense has a strong showing and they play with the lead you can expect to see high volume productivity from Stewart.  This is more of a gamble then McFadden, but one can still expect to see average numbers per his allotted salary even if Carolina has a poor showing.


Malcom Floyd – $3900 It has been postulated that Floyd’s role in the offense will be significantly increased in the absence of Keenan Allen. Considering how pass heavy of an offense the Chargers roll with, it is safe to say without even crunching any numbers that Malcom Floyd will perform higher than his targeted salary suggests.  As Allen was receiving double digit looks per game, I expect the same for Floyd with a similar amount of productivity.  This is a safe play considering San Diego squares off with a team that has a young secondary ranking 30th in pass defense.  If the Vegas over/under is one of the higher games, I will pick this guy up in almost all of my personal leagues.  It would behoove you to follow in my footsteps!


Michael Crabtree – $4900 It is not very often that you will see a guy that boasts WR2 numbers priced under 5k.  Crabtree has been playing in the shadow of the rookie sensation Cooper. Funny fact, Crabtree has more receptions and the same amount of touchdowns as the $6700 Amari Cooper.  If you can catch it, which you are if you’re reading this, there is quite the disparity in pricing considering such similar offensive production.  A lot of times it might be the safer choice to grab Crabtree, because the team’s #1 corner is generally going to be matched up with Cooper, leaving Crabtree in the more favorable match-up.  This is a solid pick up going up against a Steelers team that ranks 26th in pass yards given up a game. I literally have this dude in about 80 percent of my leagues.  I strongly suggest you consider inserting him into your line up, that is if you want to clear some cap space and get a “Mel Gibson” type lethal weapon in return.


That’s a wrap! The (VoK) voice of football knowledge has spoken. Scratch that, written rather.  Make sure to sign up and make a deposit with Draft Kings to get this unique opportunity to collaborate with me on a money making venture that will make for a rather interesting Sunday. Don’t forget, if I fail to help you make more than your initial deposit I will give you a free $25 cash credit to use at a new up and coming DFS site that is similar in stature in all facets to Draft Kings and FanDuel.  What do you have to lose??


Thanks for shopping at Brad’s Bargain Bin, where everything is ripe for the picking!




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