Holda’s Update on Lions’ Offense: Part 2

by Brad Holda

*for part 1, click here*


I am now going to implement a conversion chart to show how much more successful the Lions can be offensively if they employ my aforementioned schemes that Denver used.


I am going to be comparing statistics from the 2013 Broncos and the 2014 Lions.


Expect Eric Ebron’s fantasy points to go way up!


Denver completed 85/465 total passes to tight ends when Detroit completed a paltry 35/365 attempts. That is 10% more completions per attempts than the Lions.


Expect Detroit’s Receiver’s Golden Tate, Calvin Johnson and Eric Ebron’s targets/receptions/touchdowns to almost double!


Denver’s top 3 receivers completed 253 receptions for 2,436 yards and 35 Touchdowns.


Detroit’s 3 top targets completed 194 receptions for 1,714 yards and 13 Touchdowns.


Denver had 24% more receptions, 29% more yards gained and 67% Touchdowns scored.


Expect Lions’ backs rushing attempts and yardage to increase, but targets to drop.

I expect the formidable 1-2 punch will be Abdullah and Bell.


Denver rushed 461 times for 1873 yards and 16 Touchdowns.


Detroit rushed 396 times for 1442 yards and 11 Touchdowns.


Denver had 15% more rushing production than the Lions.

However Detroit’s targets for receivers dropped 12%.

That 12% is estimated to find the hands of the tight ends.


And as far as needing to snatch up Ebron asap…


Denver’s 2 main tight ends caught 85 passes for 972 yards and 13 touchdowns.


Detroit’s 2 main tight ends caught 35 passes for 320 yard and a measly 1 touchdown.


That’s 59% more completions for Denver for 67% more yards and 12 more TD’s.



Staple plays I expect Detroit to run frequently under Cooter.


  1. Misdirection in the running game, disguised hand-offs.


  1. Rub Routes – Criss Crossing all 3 receivers in all different directions, putting pressure on the defense to defend the right target.


  1. Dump passes to tight ends on blitzes and a lot of stretch run zone blocking plays featuring 2 TE sets.


  1. Short to mid range slant patterns at 5-15 yards designed for Johnson, Tate or Riddick.


  1. Trips left while RB or TE flows out to the right.


  1. 2 RB sets, faking crossing left and right to keep edge blitzers wide – perfect for TE routes over the middle.


  1. Stop and Go routes for receivers at the Y and Z.


  1. Z routes designed for Ebron.


  1. Y Routes for 2 receivers stacked to the right or left crossing behind the Go route.


  1. Pic routes where 2 TE sets go out 10 yards and wide receiver cuts under His or their route.


I’m Brad, and after digging all night like a grave digger. I’ve played a game akin to the likes of connect the dots, with quality hypotheticals backed by relevant evidence and statistical analysis. I think this is as close as we’re going to get as to figuring out the Lions’ schematically-on offense until we actually see them play and once they get established after the bye week. After we see where Jim Bob Cooter is actually going to take us, hopefully I’m right, I’ll assess fantasy relevance as it pertains to expectations and limitation of the offense as a whole. If you are interested in playing draft kings, sign up through our site and e-mail me at [email protected] and I would love to assist you in setting your line up – a free, one-time consultation with someone experienced in winning at Daily Fantasy Sports. So, don’t forget to sign up through our site and e-mail me so I can help you win!


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